EXCLUSIVE: NeonDroid - Dreamstar [Official Video]

By Axel Ricks

Neon Droid was born in Budapest but for the last five years he has resided in London. For some time early in his life he used to play house, techno, and everything else that was popular then. After years of his musical career going nowhere he sold all his gear and gave up being a musician. Luckily enough he found photography and it eventually became his main passion and also his profession. He ended up missing music and has now gotten back into it choosing to use Ableton as his primary DAW.

"I decided not going to buy any real hardware synthesizers for a long time now. I wanted to prove it to myself and maybe to other people, that if I'm focusing to a couple of very good VST's, they can be enough to make good music. So this album was made only with software synthesizers, VST's and of course one midi keyboard." -Neon Droid

The album has all been composed, mixed, mastered by Neon Droid and he has even made all the cover-art and music video by himself. The album "Ordinary Neon" comes on the 23rd of April, and will have an accompanying interview for those of you interested in learning more about Neon Droid! Be on the lookout!

Mini-Review: Maethelvin - CS005

By Axel Ricks

Clearly Maethelvin is a composer who strives to have a clean and well put together image and this album really displays the level of professionalism that many other producers should strive for in regards to composition and album artwork. Let's take a deeper look...

The beginning of 'CS005' takes on a chillwave and spacesynth vibe. Sadly the first half of the album doesn't stand out from the myriad of other producers doing the same exact thing although it is cleaner than most producers it still lacks character. However the second half of the album picks up with 'My Favorite TV Show' which brings to mind great spacesynth artists of the 80's and even some of the amazing NES and arcade soundtracks. 'As We Were' is another track of which reminiscent of the some of the best synthpop tracks the scene has been able to produce. If you are looking for perfect driving music and haven't already found your favorite track yet then I highly recommend 'Delight' as one for your sunny days driving with the windows down.

While there are just three tracks that personally stand out I would still recommend this album to any synth fans out there. We can't always expect a producer to come up with an album full of hit tracks and Maelthelvin does a better job as mixing and mastering than most out there. Maethelvin is an amazing producer that has the potential to hit the mark every time so I expect nothing less. Overall have a listen for yourself, let us know what you think, and support the artists you love!

Source: http://maethelvin.bandcamp.com/album/maeth...

Mini-Review: Dallas Campbell - Oases

By Axel Ricks

As a fan of Dallas' work I am always excited to find out he's got a new album out. If you are unfamiliar with his work I highly recommend checking out his entire discography if you are looking for a great variety of chilled out and spacy tunes. Much of his inspiration comes from late 70's experimental synth work that was popular in Japan during that time.

The 'Oases' album actually touches on many similar concepts that his previous EP 'Pagoda' has. Each of these are part of a larger project that tests the creative capabilities of using analog synthesizers. 'Pagoda' was first in this series and was released October of 2014 and is a very minimal electronic experience. One noticeable difference is that 'Oases' is a longer album but still touches on many of the same concepts. Some actually seem to have been recycled or repeated from the previous release. However, this time around we have the use of vocal samples and guitar work as well. I would say my personal favorite track is 'amethyst' as it keeps with the same groove and doesn't change the pace or mood of the album too much.

Have a listen to the album and choose for yourself what track is your favorite and let us know!

Source: http://magichappened.bandcamp.com/album/oa...