Exclusive: Combo Reseller - BLACK 大理石

By Axel Ricks

We hope that you guys will really enjoy what we have to provide for you today! We have teamed up with Combo Reseller and Business Casual to bring you this exclusive track so that we may announce the release of the BLACK 大理石 EP which will be on the Business Casual label Saturday the 27th of December!

For those who are interested in vaporwave and internet style artwork this album cover was meant for you! The artist behind this is Theo Latronico aka t r a s h b i n.

Source: https://businesscasual87.bandcamp.com/

Interview: Vincenzo Salvia - Chromelove

By Axel Ricks

It's been a while since you've been on NeonVice; How have you been since your Summer Love EP? It has been a while since and we are glad to have you back!

Since the release of Summer Love I worked a little bit to find new ideas and inspiration for this new chapter of my life. I'm quite satisfied of how my latest album was appreciated by the fans and I got lots of new followers thanks to the most loved track "Domenica". 

Has your move to Doner Music been to network more locally in Italy?

I would love if my spaghetti-people will appreciate my music of course, but there is not a purpose behind this label moving. I just love how Doner works professionally and promotes everywhere his artists. And not at last, I will be on wider music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc., to reach more people! Synthwave scene is going unexpectedly great here in Italy, I know lots of talented artists who play in an awesome way. We are sometimes pessimists about our electronic scene but I should tell everyone that something big will happen again here like in the 80s, when Italo Disco was inspiration for lots of countries!

Your Chromelove EP really gets back to synthwave's 80s roots; is this style what you feel most comfortable composing?

I feel Chromelove as the sequel of Atlantis. Not as concept, but in the style. It's something more experimental but with that dark touch of the synthwave school. I wanted to stay away from my Italo influence and working on new atmospheres and sounds.

The album tells about two manikins who love each other but they can't move and touch. One day I had this vision of two chrome manikins with Polaroid heads (I don't use drugs) and all the album was a consequence of the artwork, sapiently made by my dear friend George Gold.

Will you be working on more Italo and Nu Disco that we all know and love or do you plan on expanding our minds to things we haven't heard from you yet?

I like to alternate Italo releases to darker ones (Traffic / Auto Radio / Atlantis / Summer Love / Chromelove...), I don't want to get bored of my music in this way, and I hope not to bore my fans too! I feel more comfortable in Italo Disco, but sometimes I really want to create something new and breaking all the rules of the old pizzaland school.

One thing about this release is the noticeable lack of vocals; are you interested in working with anyone in the near future or will we get the chance to hear your charming voice again?

Just because of more experimentation in this new release, I wanted to focus the attention on the arrangements and making something less "pop". Of course I would love to work with vocalists and I will try to record my voice again!

Alright, so NeonVice isn't really a place for gossip but all of us in the scene are wondering if the milf hunter has hung up his hat for a certain Ukrainian beauty? Can you let us in on the details of how things began or does the single "About us" say it all?

Paparazzi don't miss anything! My Milf hunter career was destroyed when one hot day in August Andy commented in his funny style one of the photos of Yana Mesha (Powder Slut as musician), who I had in my Facebook friends, but who I never talked with! The photo jumped on my Facebook home, so I wanted to post something funny too, and since that moment Yana and I started to talk. And since that moment we didn't stop. It was love at "first sight", and maybe you will see some surprises in the next days! We decided to make our own song, something romantic which tell about us, so that title can say all!

Any last thing you would like to say, or clue us in on?

I just want to thank you for this interview and wish a merry Christmas and retro new year to NeonVice and everyone!

Source: http://vincenzosalvia.bandcamp.com/album/c...

Review: Andy Fink - Corporate Report Vol.3

By Axel Ricks

Andy Fink just released the long-awaited Corporate Report Vol.3! For those of you who aren't familiar with his work he does an amazing job at compiling some of the greatest tunes that you would have never know by name. Until now they have remained lost in time...

However, the year is 1992 and you are taking the elevator to the to top of your office building. On the way to your corner office you are bound to hear some of these excellent tunes. Andy Fink brings you back in time so that whether you are putting together your Microsoft Office Powerpoint, or viewing a workplace instructional video cassette you will always have something aurally satisfying.

Source: https://soundcloud.com/andyfink

Video: Interview with ローマン Roman / Colosseum Records

By Axel Ricks

ローマンRoman's new album Paradise will out on Friday December 26th!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/neonvice

Interview: Lachi James

By Axel Ricks

You've recently released your debut album Paradise lost; How did you feel about the initial response from the community?

Well because I’m building my fan base on the back of this release, the response has been limited so far, but absolutely amazing. I honestly didn’t think anyone was going to like it, But the reviews and responses I’ve received have been incredible. It’s great to hear that my music is making people happy, and evoking a level of nostalgia and fondness for that era of music, for those who hear it. Whilst the album was certainly made for the New Retro/Synthwave community, I wanted to make a more vocal/pop oriented LP, as opposed to something on the more atmospheric or soundtrack style of production. Don’t get me wrong though, I love just about all of the music coming out of the scene, but I wanted to create something more similar to Duran Duran and The Human League, than Lazerhawk and Mitch Murder. But it’s great to be a part of such a supportive and diverse community as well… There’s some big things to come for us all, and it’s an exciting time to be involved!

What about playing with Primal Evidence helped prepare you for your solo project? 

I think my time spent with the band, certainly helped me become a better vocalist as well as giving me a level of confidence in the way I delivered my lyrics which I just didn’t have before. Not only that, but when I was just the singer, I definitely put a lot more focus into creating melody lines and choruses that had more of that ‘anthemic’ quality. All I had to do was pull my share of the load, and when you’re only one quarter of the creative process, you figure out what works around the dynamic of a band you have no control over as well as really honing your musical responsibilities in the group.  I could bullshit about how playing every dive bar in town and loading amplifiers out the back door at 1AM has made me the ‘artist’ I am today, but in all honesty it was just a pain… It made me want to become a more studio focused musician. I miss the free beers… and that’s about it.

Have you heard any music released after 1989? What about the 80s inspires you to create music that mimics the sounds of that era instead of following a more pop approach?

[laughs] I have, and I’m not very impressed! Although, there has been some amazing retro style stuff making its way into the mainstream recently. So I’ve been pretty keen on the recent Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars track… also Olly Murs has got an awesome disco sounding single in the charts at the moment, with string runs and all! But as far as taking a Top 40-friendly approach to my song writing, I couldn’t care less. There’s millions of musicians out there trying to find the ‘next’ sound and be as modern as possible… All I want to do is just have some fun making a style of music that I enjoy, and hopefully others see what I’m trying to do, and they’ll get some enjoyment out of it too! But I’m sure the masses of trend-chasers are going to do just fine without me.

What would you say your top five influences are for your particular style and do you plan of continuing with glam rock for your next album?

My biggest musical influences are pretty much Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Billy Idol, Prince and especially early Madonna. It’s weird though, because I grew up listening to nothing but KISS, then a lot of Motley Crue and Van Halen later on. I think those influences kind of show in the heavier songs. But the next album will certainly move away from the Glam sound and more toward that polished mid-80s New Romantic & Dance vibe. I rocked the spandex pants for long enough. Time to move on. I ran out of lipstick, dude.

Much of your lyrical content seems like it came straight from the greatest decade known to man. Does the content relate to you personally with past girlfriends and love life or are you a born story writer?

Well it all just comes from life experience, right? I don’t think I’m capable of adapting a fake persona to push a cliché style of lyrical content. It just so happens that all my subject matter is similar to that of 80s pop lyrics. But I wouldn’t want to sing about anything other than dancing, sex, heartbreak and partying. I’m nineteen. I don’t really know much else. [laughs] But I hate writing lyrics. It’s as if you’re taking a personal diary, filled with all of your deepest thoughts and feelings and just putting it on show for the world to read. I know some people love doing that shit, but for me, I find it difficult sharing that kind of stuff. I nearly pulled ‘When You Cry’ off the album for that exact reason. In fact, the original version of that song was a complete piano ballad with breathy, whiny vocals and all! But that wasn’t going to fly over too smoothly on a synthwave record. So I had to beef it up with that Italo Disco magic.

I will say though, some of the lyrics on the record might make me come off as sounding rather promiscuous, which really isn’t the case. I’m a one woman guy, and sometimes you gotta add a touch of filth to keep the story interesting. But to answer your question, yes – the lyrics relate to me personally.

Are your friends and family familiar with your music? Do they understand your passion for the 80s?

They are all familiar with it, and I get mixed reactions from everyone. I’ve got a few friends who are complete retro buffs and they love it, which is cool!  But the family is less inclined to like it… They’ve had to listen to me record every single vocal track from the next room (not exactly the most euphonious experience for them) but they’re supportive of what I’m trying to do.

But I don’t think even I understand my passion for the decade, let alone everyone else. I’m not one to do things by half measures, so when I cut the bleached mop off my head, and started listening to the Miami Vice soundtracks every day, I took on every facet of the style. I wear the suits, the pastel shirts, the wayfarers, the moccasins – pretty much the whole 9 fucking yards. The style appealed to me, and I made it my own. People associate the image with an era of decadence and hedonistic excess, and that’s an image and lifestyle I’ve always found to be very attractive. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, right? [laughs]

Please tell us a bit about your signing to Sunlover Records and what you guys might have in store for us in the future.

So basically, in the lead up to the release of the album, I was sending out tracks to be featured on different compilations and whatnot and Sunlover Records was just one of the labels that came to mind. I had heard their ‘Italo Disco is Back’ compilation, and was absolutely in love with the visual content they were releasing in support of the album, as well as the roster of artists they had featured. I think they are one of the only labels that truly understand that 80s vibe and for me to be releasing music through them, I think is a match made in heaven. They’re a supportive bunch of guys, all with a lot of talent and they know how to run a tight ship. As far as the future is concerned, there are still a lot of cool things to come from the Paradise Lost release, like music videos and cassettes. But after that, I’ll begin recording the second album. A few of the songs have been written, the groundwork has been laid, and I’ll be heading over to the UK and France during 2015 to work on it with some of the finest musicians and producers the new retro scene has to offer. I am about as excited as anyone could be!

Source: http://sunloverrecords.bandcamp.com/album/...