Exclusive: Amplitude Problem - Blue Bots Dots

By Lucy Black
Blue Bots Dots cover

Here is an exclusive for all of you to enjoy from Amplitude Problem's upcoming debut album release!  On February 10th, "Blue Bots Dots" will release on Retro Promenade's Bandcamp. Be sure to mark your calendars because you DO NOT want to miss out on this release! 

Many of you may be familiar with Amplitude Problem from his epic work on Introducing Neals or The Next Peak: Vol. I. The music in this album will be similar to the prior but with a bit more of a fun, game-like atmosphere to it. "Blue Bots Dots" will really appeal to those of you who enjoy retro, electronic, and/or chiptune music!

This exclusive track is called "OK Firetown". This absolutely fun and awesome track is also a very special one to Amplitude Problem. I feel honored that he would allow me to choose this one to play. I guess you could say that this track is the backbone of the album. I can't tell you much more than that so you will have to wait until the release to get the full story! Until then, enjoy! ☺

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for two upcoming interviews with Amplitude Problem. One is coming soon and will be a group interview with him, YTCracker, and Dicepticon! Wow, what an interview that will be!! The other will be closer to the release date for "Blue Bots Dots" and will be a one-on-one where I will get a chance to go further into the mind of the very talented, Amplitude Problem!  

San Dingo - Neon Highway EP

By Lucy Black

Wow, I just got finished listening to this new EP and I have got to say that Retro Promenade has excellent taste in the artists they choose to represent! Fresh off the presses ... err ... I mean hard drives! Yes, that's it! Out now is San Dingo's debut EP, "Neon Highway EP". This is not your run of the mill "synthwave" music that you all are probably growing accustomed to hearing. This is something fresh, fun and different! I guess I'd describe San Dingo as retro/electronic/funky/chiptuney/andmore. If any of that sounds appealing to you then you are in for a treat! 

I'm on my third playthrough and I'm not sure what my favorite track is yet. I think it's either "Midnight Rain" or "Walk the Walk". "Midnight Rain" is a really funky song with some surprising twists and turns. I love it when producers change things up in their songs to keep us guessing. "Walk the Walk" is another fun number! I think I'm partial to it because the synth sounds different, like a futuristic honky-tonk piano or something fun like that! Just take a listen to the song and you will see! Okay, now try not to smile while listening to this song. I bet you can't!

This EP is available for "Name Your Price" on Retro Promenade's Bandcamp. They suggest a donation of $2.49, but I suggest that you dig a little deeper in your pockets if you can. San Dingo is an 18 year old, up-and-coming producer so why not give a little more to show your support? If you feel you need something physical to make your purchase complete, check out the cool poster, which features a large scale version of the album cover. This option is only $6.99 and includes the digital music as well!

Source: http://retropromenade.bandcamp.com/album/n...

Electrogenesis - Digital Recovery (Pre-order)

By Lucy Black

Here's a fun upcoming album that is now available to pre-order for $5 or more on Bandcamp! "Electrogenesis" is a compilation of video game covers by various artists in the electro/industrial/synth world. With your pre-order you will get instant access to download 3 of the 11 tracks. Half of the proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation and the other half will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. How can you beat that? Not only do you get 11 awesome reinterpretations of classic game music that you love, but you also know that your money is going to a great cause! ☺

Source: http://digitalrecovery.bandcamp.com/album/...

Exclusive: Citizen Kannot - Coimbra (Patreon Only Giveaway!)

By Axel Ricks

Announcement time!

Citizen Kannot will be releasing the track 'Coimbra' which is used in 'Brazil Episode 2' out on Saturday for Patreon supporters ONLY. This free download will be one week prior to the public even getting the chance to hear the track in it's entirety! The track will be mailed via 'We Transfer' to all contributors after 'Brazil Episode 2' goes public on Saturday the 24th! If you are interested in contributing to our campaign and continuously getting exclusive content each week follow this link below and become a contributor.


In addition, be sure to follow Citizen Kannot:




Source: https://www.patreon.com/neonvice

Interview: Inside the mind of glitch artist Vanyard

By Axel Ricks

Who is Vanyard?

Vanyard is a cybergoth ninja who came from the 27th century sink-city by time traveling. During the time travel process I broke down and am currently only held together by depression.

I’ve always wanted to make these crazy nerdy answers when I have an interview. I've gotta quit watching anime...

Anyways, Vanyard is my name. Originally I was trying to use Passnaught or Passnaught Vanyard but just Vanyard had better nuance and when combined together it looked too messy. And Vanyard comes from the name of my website when I first started creating art. Since my artwork radiated dark and gloomy atmosphere I named it ‘Vanishing Yard’ and uploaded my works under that name. Vanyard is obviously an abbreviation of it. However, the website doesn’t exist now because I was trying to create net-art with it but java, html, css and whatever those shits are; they were so tough. So, I mean Vanyard is a twenty-four seven art project that works like machinery.

Could you describe yourself and what sort of art you do?

Continuing from the former question, I was born in Busan, Korea and now I’m living in the capital, Seoul. I’m in my late 20s and my health is messed up after continuous working without rest. I don’t think I have talent in taking care of myself. If I have a wish it would be something like to be born again as a robot and do the art shit forever.

And I am a man. Not gay. Oh, and I used to be healthy when I walked out from that maternal uterus.

Weed is illegal in Korea. As soon as you light it up cops will arrest you immediately like those Skyrim guards. I’m saying this because people look at me as if my works come out from that magical THC puff. No. My artworks might seem mentally disoriented or unstable to them. I used to work on outsider art, art brut and I think that mood still remains in my later works. I literally burnt up many works I’ve done back then and I regret it now. This is starting to depress me again so that would explain why I am a cybergoth ninja pretending to be normal!

I am a very pessimistic person. I am so negative that I negate the negativity. However, I am trying to have a little more optimistic outlook on life lately. Those pessimistic and optimistic states harmonize in my mind and this state helps me do my creative work. Should I call it an oriental Asia magic? I don’t know. I am Asian myself, so I believe this is something like the balance of yin and yang. I try to express my mental states in my artwork. Since my mental state is depressed my works are also dark and gloomy. I mainly use my computer for these works. I originally studied art because I liked computer games and wanted to get into a game developing company to do things like creature design or concept art. Things I have studied back then were matte painting, and texture design are helping me a lot right now.

I am putting my efforts to create special pieces of new media art and net art which are the new trends these days. Things that come from the net culture I mean.

What is your artistic process like and what are you trying to convey with the art that you create?

The process is very simple. If I close my eyes and shout out some magical artistic words, mouse and a keyboard automatically does it all. This is by far the most artistic scenery of all and only my roommate and I can witness it. Gives me the goosebumps everytime! I’m sorry that I can’t record the process but my computer has a camera lens-phobia that it will just break itself. The only secret that I can tell is that if you go to the Kunlun mountains and get taught from 'The Thunderer' you can also use this magic. Or you could also smash your fingers and find the ancient one from Tibet and learn the magic from him instead. I’m not talking about Cthulhu... Watch out for him.

I give no meanings in my artwork. People watching it are gonna find it themselves. I am just trying to convey emotions and aesthetics while it is still eye-catching. Damn, it’s just hard to put it in words. Just look at it and feel it.

Do you intend on making a statement?

I have a conviction that I will become Nam June Paik of this generation.

What are your future plans and goals for your artistic adventure?

My plan is to work in Korea for a while and go abroad to become famous and get reimported to Korea. I will leave Korea when I’m about 30. I’ll have to prepare a lot for this. I have many thankful people around these days so things are going well so far. I am preparing for my private exhibition for now and have lots of exciting plans even after the exhibition. So, yeah, I believe this is the chance to show the world what I have prepared. I want to keep working on my composition and even release albums. Someday maybe. The goal is Warp Records!

I still lack techniques in video arts so I’ll study that more than others for now. I want to create my own music videos and do VJing. In the near future I’ll compile my works and launch an exhibition that shows all the music, video, and pictures that I have created. It is going to be somewhere between March and April of 2015. My goal is to have more than ten exhibitions this year. I would also like to collaborate with Adidas!

I do have lots of plans but I don’t want to reveal ‘em all. It will be better to just notice it after my planned successes. My ultimate goal is to make an environment where I can keep on working the whole time so that I may create my artworks like a production line. I believe it will be possible as I follow along my beliefs.

Looking back it seems absurd but I really got into the flow and wrote what I thought. Anyways, thank you for the interview!

Lastly, could you please tell us about where you post your work so that everyone may follow?



Source: http://vanyard.tumblr.com/