Steven Jones & Logan Sky - Desire Lines

By Axel Ricks

Logan Sky and Steven Jones have been on the rise in 2014 and are about to go airborne with their latest offering, 'Desire Lines'. Vintage synths and dramatic beats provide the soundtrack to a six track EP of motion and dark emotions. ‘Desire Lines’ is remixed by Robin Ogden (aka OGRE), who re-imagines the song as the theme to a lost eighties action movie. NEONVICE offer the first look also at the video.

A limited edition of 30 cassette copies of the EP will also be released next week and NeonVice offers an exclusive 20% off (during March) if you use the code march20chop on Bandcamp.

Logan's first collaboration with Steven Jones in 2014 resulted in ‘Strange Magic’, a mesmeric anthem to the intoxication of erotic obsession. The track was enthusiastically received by music lovers all over the globe and was accompanied by a Kenneth Anger inspired music video laden with Occult symbology and flesh, edited by film maker Dennis Murphy. 

Desire Lines is a natural progression of this collaboration, a re-framing of early 80s electro through a defiantly contemporary lens. The emptiness of yearning is overlaid with a modern pop sheen. Vocalist Steven Jones has built upon and evolved Logan's synthscapes into a mesh of dark visions and mystic adventures. The video for Desire Lines again features the work of Dennis Murphy and a link can be provided upon request.

There will be a full NeonVice interview in with Logan Sky in the Summer, when he plans to release his third solo album, but in the meantime he has these words to say on the recent death of Steve Strange:

Logan: "It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of Steve Strange. He was the founder of the New Romantic movement that embraced synthesisers, style and sophistication to create the vivid imagery and haunting melodies that underpinned the 80s sound. Those sounds shaped my childhood and fuelled my passion for electronic music.

It was the ultimate honour to have been his keyboard player for the last 5 years.. so many memories.. the dramas that surrounded almost every performance, extended costume changes, locking himself in a drinks refrigerator, being pumped full of vitamins by firemen, slamming his finger in a taxi door and then performing in army kit with real blood over his hands and face.

I was lucky to be back at the original BLITZ club for it's 30th Anniversary and to DJ with Steve on the London Eye and on the ocean in Dubai. On arrival he'd been detained for over an hour by airport security staff and police in jubbas because he was wearing a hat and makeup (his was tattooed on!)

We were well underway with his solo album and he had found a new inner kharma … there are many memories of him relaxing or sipping tea in the sun and reminiscing..

He hasn't left the hearts of all those that followed him. His legacy will live on through our creative endeavours. I'm devastated but I pledge to keep the spirit of those VISAGE sounds alive."

Logan is set to perform at the funeral on March 12th alongside other Visage members. More information at:


Mini-Review: Euglossine - Complex Playground

By Axel Ricks

If you are looking for a unique experience and sick of the generic electronic tunes that many bedroom producers are putting out these days, a listen to Euglossine's Complex Playground may lift your spirits. I can't guarantee that this release will fit everyone's taste but I thoroughly appreciate the various influences that they incorporate. It seems like the musical equivalent of net art combined with video games, easy listening, experimental Japanese electronica, and vaporwave without the use of samples or any pitched-down vocals. The album artwork by Eyebodega does an amazing job at setting the tone of the album with a positive sky-blue background and a colorful and strange setting of... Plants, seemingly hugging? Just sit back, relax, and visualize this calm and exciting journey through a digital drug trip. Please don't forget to support the artist and purchase their album via Bandcamp.